The World's most durable and environmentally sustainable precast concrete boardwalk and promenade system.

KangaTrak is the new generation of the original PermaTrak System specifically designed for Australia’s harsh coastal, woodland, desert and alpine environments.

KangaTrak delivers a long lifecycle outcome that far exceeds conventional timber, steel and wood/plastic in situ installations.

KangaTrak was previously licensed to Rocla in Australia and is now licensed to the Sydney based precaster 2 barrows.

Why use KangaTrak?

  • Long lifecycle durable concrete
  • Bushfire proof materials
  • Pedestrian, bicycle & light vehicle use
  • Low maintenance non-slip finishes
  • Quality architectural colours & textures
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Quality assured & fully engineered
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Non-polluting installation
  • Does not rot, twist, creep or splinter
  • No metal fasteners to rust
  • Relocatable and flexible design
  • Concrete boardwalk on Kaiki Trail, Granite Island
    Our first concrete boardwalk. Kaiki Trail, Granite Island, SA, 1996

Kaiki Trail, Granite Island

The KangaTrak Boardwalk originated as a humble on-ground concrete boardwalk traversing a National Parks managed Fairy Penguin rookery in South Australia. The boardwalk was required to be robust and durable, for a highly exposed coastal landscape and to have a minimum physical and visual intrusion into the natural site. The original boardwalk has now been developed into four different modular systems: boardwalks, bridges, jetties, and promenades.

KangaTrak Modular Systems

  • Boardwalk system


    A low height boardwalk up to 1 metre high installed directly onto the ground surface with a prepared crushed rock base.

  • Jetty system


    An elevated boardwalk up to 2 metres high, installed onto a concrete marine pile, concrete stormwater pipe or screw pile.

  • Bridge systems


    Bridges of a single beam span, using a minimum number of precast components allowing for fast installation; an arched precast unit able to be widened by adding units adjacent to form a fast installed crossing.

  • Promenade system


    On-ground panel treads laid onto nibbed piers providing a low elevated quality finish pavement allowing for service to be installed and readily accessed.

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