• Single Arched Bridge Unit
    Single Arched Unit.
  • Double Arched Bridge Unit.
    Double Arched Unit.
  • Single Flat Bridge Unit.
    Single Flat Unit.

Design Standards

KangaTrak Bridges are designed to comply with the Relevant Australian Standards:

  • AS1170 Loading Code
  • AS 3600 Concrete Standard
  • AS 2156 Walking Tracks


The concrete of the precast components complies to AS3600 Section 4 and includes:

  • selection of suitable Exposure Classification (near coastal, splash or spray zones, inundation)
  • selection of suitable concrete strength to suit exposure (standard 50Mpa mix) and concrete cover to steel (45mm for C2, 60mm for C2 exposure)

Architectural Finish & Colour

A range of standard colours and finishes are supplied and all include a non-slip surface. Custom finishes include honed and timber look. Colour oxides are used through the product components and after 12 to 24 months of oxidation colours remain stable.


Due to KangaTrak being a precast system installation is simple and quick. Only basic setting out skills with minimal equipment and tools are needed.

Onsite power is not required, nor is in situ cutting, sawing, nailing or bolting (unless in waveuplift zones).

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