KangaTrak for Government Agencies

Government Agencies are responsible for providing Community facilities that are safe, economic and "fit for purpose".

Reduced Public Risk and Duty of Care

Local Government have a "duty of care" to provide safe infrastructure that is robust, durable and doesn’t develop into hazards that may cause injury to residents or visitors. They also need to be sure that vindictive or spurious injury claims are not readily made due to facilities that have faults such as timber decks with slippery surfaces, raised nails, rusted steel fixtures or protruding fixtures, twisted materials, or structurally unsound structures that do not comply with Public Realm requirements.

The KangaTrak Systems provide Governments with stable and highly durable factory precast components that do not have such hazards waiting to happen.

Low Maintenance Commitments and Long Term Budget Benefits

The low to nil maintenance required with the precast concrete system is due to its high level of durability and therefore this means that long term low maintenance budget allocations are required, as compared with maintenance budgets for timber or WPC facilities; or for combination installations such as with WPC products requiring timber or steel substructures. The KangaTrak systems have in the order of a 5 times lifecycle of a hardwood timber facility. Additionally the fully Engineered Kangatrak components carry Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

Sustainability and Capital Asset Value

The Community interest is very high for Governments (Local, State and Federal) to deliver higher quality, long-life, economic and environmentally safe/sustainable public facilities. This has meant that facilities need to be designed to deliver long term lifespans that will survive vandalism, extreme weather events, and will retain their asset value.

There is a new realisation that sustainability outcomes include a "cradle to grave" and "low carbon footprint" outcomes. The KangaTrak product in it various forms delivers a long life product which retains asset value as it can be readily reinstalled if dislodged by a weather event, or if community facilities need to be relocated due to changes in demography.

Bushfire Proof facilities

The KangaTrak product components are all concrete and therefore fireproof and substantially vandal-proof. Graffiti can be reduced with the use of protective sealants.

Heritage Tree Protection/Conservation Benefits

Local Government Agencies often have to protect heritage trees or grasses, National Parks agencies need to protect special habitat areas—this is very difficult with traditional construction processes.

The KangaTrak product was initially designed for the protection of a penguin Rookery (see The Kangatrak Story/Kaiki Trail history) and to retain visitor access to experience a natural site without damage. The KangaTrak piers supporting the decking (footings) do not penetrate the ground surface and therefore do not damage tree roots. The treads also allow for open drainage through the boardwalk deck treads.

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