• Anoxometric view of the KangaTrak boardwalk system
    Rectangular panel treads and taper panel treads are used to achieve curved alignments.

Standard Sizes

Tread width: 2m, 2.3m, 3m, 3.4m
Beams: 2m, 3m x 200 x 200nom
Pier Base: (rounded) 500 nom dia
Pier Rise:r (rounded) 362 nom dia
Pier Cap: (rounded) 362 nom dia
Pier Square Tile: (square) 500mm dia


The concrete of the precast components complies to AS3600 Section 4 and includes:

  • selection of suitable Exposure Classification (near coastal, splash or spray zones, inundation)
  • selection of suitable concrete strength (40 or 50Mpa) and cover to steel(30 to 60mm)

Architectural Finish & Colour

A range of standard colours and finishes are supplied and all include a non-slip surface. Custom finishes include honed and timber look. Colour oxides are used through the product components and after 12 to 24 months of oxidation colours remain stable.


Due to KangaTrak being a precast system installation is simple and quick. Only basic setting out skills with minimal equipment and tools are needed.

Onsite power is not required, nor is in situ cutting, sawing, nailing or bolting (unless in waveuplift zones).

Span over span (top down) installation is possible avoiding site impacts. Low on-ground tiles are available, installation of Standard Pier Caps onto elevated piles is possible.

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